Happiness is lost day by day

Happiness is lost day by day
How one could find its way?
Through the pathless woods of vine
I have to reach to my dine.
One twinkling star in the twilight 
The only thing in my sight 
Forcing me to work so hard
So that i could get my reward. 
So uneasy it is to stay alive 
If one is not cheerful in his life

To get my achievements and my goals
I have to drink those poisonous bowls. 
Rather than breaking down, 
I chose to stand again
But all my efforts now seems to be in vain
Or my soul will grow more depraved.
I need some love in place of hatred 

Is there someone to share my story? 
In the dreary world of fake glory? 
Do not trust even your own blood 
They will also ruin you in the deadliest flood. 
Better to keep your problems within you 
Or you have to polish others' shoe 
They will never help you out 
Instead, will take advantage while you shout.

I wrote this in October 2019 and OMG I can't believe that I used to use such nice words in poems earlier. I have lost vocab the more literature I have read.