Diwali Poems

Poem 1:

I go out and wander late night
Stand in the amazement of lights.
I clean and decorate my adobe
Rearrange clothes in the wardrobe.
I make cards and posters
Putting Diyas, photos, and figures.

I worship, I dance, I sing
I try every possible thing
To veil the eternal sadness
Because I need to confess
This isn't home
And this isn't Diwali. 

Poem 2

When even some distance relative dies
My family doesn't celebrate Diwali
Neither does any other family
If their distant relative has died.
If you can a walk along the road
You can tell by looking at the decorations
Which family has lost a beloved one

I had always objected to that
Why should I hold my celebration
I barely knew that person.
And my mother tells me that
It's to respect a human life
It's to show god that we know the value.
Such were the teachings of my mother.

Years later, I stand on the eve of Diwali
None of my distant relatives has died
But I am in no mood to celebrate
I don't celebrate Diwali
Because I know the value of human lives
Of innocents being murdered
In the war of the religion.