Is struggle a justification for curruption
Like oppression is for violence?
Is majority enough to make a decision?
Is injustice a just reply to injustice?

Why do innocent civilians suffer
For the shitty steps of government?
Why even children
Who don't even vote?

Nations: Fancy drawings on maps 
Religion: Practices of unchallengable laws
God: Answer to something you can't answer
How is that all of any good
If it leads to the death of fellow humans? 

Can soap be cleaned using soap?
Can killings be stopped by killings?

Is murder a fancy way to show off power?
Is terror a meek method of seeking attention?
Is majority enough to make a decision?
Is struggle a justification for corruption?

How do we measure the value of a human's life?
What is the standard international unit for it?
What human being is more worthy than the other? 
Why is death of one more mourning
Than the thousand of innocent civilians?

Why do people shut their eyes and ears
When the fire is on neighbour's house
While they know their fate is inescapable?
Why is your problem problem of the world 
And the world's problem is not your problem?

I openly stand against the killings of innocent humans in Palestine by Israel.