A Breakup Letter

 Hi Riya,

Hope you are doing well. It has been a while since we see each other but I think now it is time to confess myself. I have done wrong with you and I am guilty of it.

Walking away from our relationship was not so simple for me as well. I was so attached to you at that moment that I was in pain when I thought to leave you. I had planning to tell you about my situation, but that was attached to a picture of you crying in front of me and I could not bear that even in my thoughts.

I belong from a rural area in northern Rajasthan. My father is a farmer and we believe in old beliefs. I love my parents and I don't want to be a reason of shame for them, that's why I had arranged marriage over love marriage. When I was in college, they chose a girl for me and I am the kind of person who can never go against their wish. So I thought that was my fate only.

I wanted to tell you the truth and honesty, I wanted to invite you to my marriage but I never dared to do so, I never dared to even face you after that and that's when I started ignoring you. You think I was just bored with you but that was not the case. I always wanted you and I was scared that you will cry when you get the news that I am getting married. I never wanted to see a drop of tear in your eyes and that's where I planned the slow death of our cute relationship.

To be honest I knew what is going to be the result of my falling in love. But we both fall for it and I couldn't stop it from happening. It started to form your laughter on my silly jokes then it went through our food fair trips. When you used to ask me about my wellness after long practice sessions, It felt like all my tiredness had been flown away and I am so lightweight. I then used to put extra effort on the field because I knew all the tiredness would go away when I would meet you.

Whenever I met you before the match, we never lost any match, and I realized that It is not just luck... It is something more... I put extra effort into the game when I had a memory of you cherishing me for the win in my mind, and that made us win.

But it has to over one day, I also didn't know anything about it. An old person came to see my elder brother and I was not part of the plan. I was trying to be as simple as I could for the happiness of my father and my brother. But as he met me he said that he wants to marry me with his younger daughter and it was a shock for me too. My father was so happy, he managed to engage his both sons.

I wasn't happy at first but I have always seen my father sacrificing all of his happiness for our good and it was my turn to sacrifice something for him. This was once in a lifetime chance for me and I decided to sacrifice you.

I always wanted to say a proper goodbye to our relationship but I didn't have the courage. I know it is hard for you but I also know that you can do that.. you can go through this. You need to move on Riya. You deserve better than me. I am not the one for you.

I always pray that you find someone... someone better than me.

I don't know how to end this letter. I just want you to move on. If you want you can reply to this letter but this will be the last one... I don't want any factor from the past to affect my life. Be happy and go achieve your dreams.

With Love

Mohit Pooniya


In most love stories, I have heard from my friends, or the movies, and all other resources. If they fail... They have a reason that girl's parents won't agree on the marriage. This is the key barrier in most love stories.

But in my place, the love stories don't go any further because we have made our society such that we can't even talk about love with our parents. It is something like a sin. And we have to agree with whatever life partner they choose for us. They don't expect from us that we can love someone and we don't tell them because we know it is not considered well in society.

The situation becomes worst when the casts are involved. Society will never agree if you marry someone outside your cast. They don't see that she may not be of our cast but she is a human. They never see. In most cases, I have seen people who don't even talk about this in front of their parents. This is the generation gap we have.

Most of the love stories end because the girl is forced to marry against her wish or according to her parents' wish. But some love stories end because boys are forced to marry. Especially when they have an elder brother or sister.. like in Mohit's case. There is no rule that Mohit must get married just because his brother is getting married but parents consider this as saving of money and they won't even ask the child.

The ending of these love stories is not the same as other love stories. Here boy and girl don't come together to cry and say goodbye but this is a slow death of the relationship.

All I want to say that this should be changed... Parents in villages should also care about the relationship of their children and there should be an interaction between parents and children that they can talk about their love life. Imagine saying to your father, "Papa I have started dating this girl..." How great it would be.

What are your thoughts on this please let me know in the comments. And please forgive me for my bad English. I may have made grammatical errors.. ignore them.

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