Let Me Share my Views on Hinduism


To be honest, for the last year, I have always questioned the existence of god, and I never truly believed. But I had an intuition that there is something that is helping without I have asked for help. For Example, In my first lab session with Paul, I didn’t remember the formula for resonant frequency for LC Oscillator and I didn’t know how to derive it, then something just pop-up in my head and I write it, it is the right formula for the resonance frequency, I don’t know form where did it come in mind. It didn’t involve any thinking process, I didn’t force my mind to remember something.. it just popped up in my mind and strangely it is the right one. I have no other explanation to it just one that God sent me the signal or in more clear words. God told me the right answer. 

This was just an example, it happens with me more often and it makes me believe that yes, God exists. So I can say that I believe in God. But yeah, I always found myself hiding from doing worship or any kind of stuff and asking help from God in any problem. I never go to any temple and involve in any kind of religious activities. I find myself capable enough of solving any problem without the help of any superpower. And I always think and all the things Hindus do to make God happy are bad things. Now you may think that I don’t kind Hinduism, I also thought the same until someone advised me to convert. Then I thought about it. How would my life change if I change my religion? And that’s where I started like Hinduism.


Religion is not only about the Gods you worship, and how do you do it, it is about how do you live. Religion is not that divides you, it unites you. I thought that if I convert, I don’t think I can say ‘Ram Ram’ when I great someone. And that takes away all the joy of greeting. Being a Hindu doesn’t only define if I believe in God or not, it defines my way of living life, It defines how I eat, how I greet, how I think, how I marry, and almost everything in my life. If I convert to any other religion, my marriage won’t be a 15 days function with major events from time to time but I would be just a one-day ceremony.


And at this place, I started thinking that what are the things that keep me attracted to this religion. I don’t want to compare this with any other religion but I have some points. I don’t want to justify that Hinduism is better than any other religion, I just want to tell you why do I like being a Hindu. And I don’t say that you should be a Hindu because I know that your religion is the best, whatever it be.


Hinduism Liberates


There are thirty-three crore Gods in Hinduism and Hinduism gives you the freedom to choose any one of them. There are local Gods like Ramdev Ji and Tejaji and as well as global Gods like Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. You can choose any to worship. We call this ‘kuldevta’ (Family’s God). Our family has one God and it is worshiped in the whole family but you are not restricted that you should worship your family God. You can choose your ideal.


Some Hindus believe in One God, they say that ‘sabka malik ek’.  According to them, all Gods are different forms of one single God. While most Hindus are polytheists, they believe that there are many gods with a particular work assigned to them. Like lord Indra has the department of rain and Lord Shiva is the god of destruction. 


Some Hindus think that God can’t be fit in a shape or size, god has no age and it has conquered all the space and time. They don’t imagine God as a human and they don’t worship the idols of Gods. They just think that God is so wide to think that it can’t fit in our imagination, They are also Hindus.


While there are also some Hindus that believe that God is a living thing. They think that God lives in creatures like a Deer or a Mouse or a Tree. People worship a tree and say that it is our God. See how beautiful it is.


There are some Hindus that keep humans above all other things, their God (the thing they worship) is living human (or dead). These humans are called gurus (the teachers), Guru can be one or many according to your belief but the thing is Guru is above god for them. 


The whole point is Hinduism doesn’t define a particular way to look at God, but it lets you choose how do you want to look at God. Some Hindus do crazy things to make God happy while others don’t, and Hinduism doesn’t force you to do such crazy things. You Hinduism gives to options and freedom of choice how to look and behave with Gods.


If I tell you that I am a Hindu, there are not many things you can tell me that I am doing wrong. I may not be doing that thing and I can still be a Hindu.


Hinduism Protects:


Hinduism always welcomed all the religions in India with open arms. We have developed religious tolerance in our hearts both by laws in custom. If we look into the history we find that for our empire Hindus may have fought big battles with Muslims but we have also welcomed Muslim saints with our hears. Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti is one of the early saints who is treated with respect by Hindus to date.


India is the religiously diverse country but I wasn’t this from the beginning. There were only Hindus then. Islam entered India when the Attackers from Afghanistan entered India. And after then we have always respected all other religions. Take the example of Khawaja Moinuddin Chisti or Ajmer Shareef, who arrived in India in the 12th Century with an Afghani Sultan Iltutmish. At that time there were not many Muslims in India, but Hindus at that time respected the saint and that’s how Islam came into India. 


Sikhism, Buddhism, and Jainism directly come from Hinduism, and Christianity and Islam came from outside India. Hindus always had a very good relationship with all other religions except very recently some things happened. 


I again say I don’t want to compare my religion with others and I haven’t read all the pieces of literature but I know that Hinduism never says that Hinduism is the best. Hindu literature never says that all humans should follow humans. And not a single one of Hindu God has said that all humans must follow him and those who don’t follow his rules will go to heaven. But to the contrary, Hinduism librates you to respect all other beliefs and follow them as I have explained above. And most importantly Hinduism doesn’t ask anyone to follow Hinduism, as far as I know.

And the last reason I want to discuss here is that Hinduism is so close to nature and nature is close to me. There was a Neem tree in my house when I was a child and one of the regions that it was in my house that it was worshiped. You may notice, how many banyan and Peepal trees are in my village, they are protected because they are worshipped. We grow trees but we never cut them because it is like we are not cutting a single tree, we are killing so many lives that this is a sin in Hinduism. That’s why I am proud of being a Hindu. 


My mother always told me to put water in a pot for birds in summers, I always carry bread for street dogs when I go for a morning walk. Every day we give the first thing we cook to a cow and second to a dog. My grandmother gives seven types of corn to ants. These are some examples of holy acts we do. We call it Punya (Good deeds, which is the opposite of sin, by the way). 


Once again, I don’t say that any other religion doesn’t have these things, I am saying Hinduism has it and that’s why I like Hinduism. I don’t say any other player can’t play pull shots. I am just saying Rohit can play pull shots and Rohit is my favorite player.


So these are the three reasons why I like being a Hindu. For the moment before I sign up I want to say that I am not a holy person but I believe in God. I know there is no proof that God exists in science. I don’t think everything needs proof. God is like a concept of infinity for me.. you can subtract anything it always remains the same. It is like any kind of idealism, or the postulates we define at the start of great relativity. We don’t prove them but if we make them true all the things start making sense. 


When there is any situation, I can’t do anything. I just pray I leave everything on God and here I can be stress-free. For example, my friend was ill some days ago and I couldn’t do anything for her, I just said I pray you will be fine and she was good after some days.


And at last, I want to say, mainly I am a human, then I am an Indian, and at last, I am a Hindu. I respect all religions and I follow only one.




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