Ballad of a Thirsty Saint

He was walking alone, barefoot
On a road in a desert.
His beard was grown white
Long white hairs, scattered.

He had achieved the eternity
Gone beyond event horizon, to the singularity
He had achieved self-integrity
And now he was happy in Brownian motion.

He had seen the watcher, met the mighty
Now he could talk with the emotions,
He excelled at area of all relations
And the variables of all the motions.
He had used his brain hundred percent,
He knows what happens during measurement,
He was so powerful; he was so confident.
He learned to suppress the need and greed
Now he was going to lead humanity.

Then he entered a village,
The one who bowed was blessed
Also, those who didn’t was blessed.
He was singing a song of Sartaaj
The king of all Maharajas
And in a loud loud awaj.
He wanted to reach all the society.
Then he felt thirsty
His throat was facing drought
And he was in a fight with himself,
His sight was fading and he walked
With a speed close to light
And he reached a well.

A woman was taking out water there,
He requested her some water,
She gave him a bowl of water
But that didn’t quench his thirst.
He took the pot and made it dry
But that didn’t make him satisfied
He was confused feeling dry,
His hands were shaking
He was feeling weak and the next moment
He jumped in the well.
He was not afraid of death but still feeling thirsty.
He woke up with his heart beating fast

Because his conscious mind didn’t know
What is there after death.
He was in his room only,
He walked to the pot of water
And drink some di-hydrogen mono oxide.
Now his thirst was satisfied.
Later in the afternoon,
He was teaching his class
The lesson of harsh actuality
No matter how good the life is in your dream
You would have to wake up and face reality.
Your deeds will define you
Your plans don’t matter
If you want to quench your thirst,
You need to wake up and walk to the water.

This poem is a sincere experience, It is based on a true event. I was thirsty in my dream and when I woke up, I found out that I was thirsty in real life too. 

I moved to Delhi this Monday, it is not good here. I am missing my family too much. Also,, I have started to play cricket again. Yesterday, I went to the ground for the first time since I left Delhi, I didn't get many overs to play because there are many new lads in the team but yeah It was nice to have some energy and be in the field. But one thing was strange, even I was playing after a long time, I didn't get out on Zero(hhehe). Actually, I didn't get out, In two out of three matches I remained not out and in the last match, I got run out. Pretty impressive. I also bowled one over and got a wicket as well. It was caught and bowled, I didn't go for it honestly, It just stuck in my left hand and when I caught my breath up my friends were hugging me and congratulating me to get the dangerous man out. But now my body is aching a lot. 

Thank You everyone for this support you have shown to my blog. I am very happy seeing it and also for those who are new here... I post a poem or story every Thursday so don't forget to check it every Friday/