Life Without Y0u

Love Poem
image of a lover thinking about his girlfriend whom does he love very much.

When I stood up at a height
Taking the beautiful sight

Everything is so beautiful
But I cannot see
How beautiful would it be,
If you would be with me.
I would like to be out with you
The life is incomplete without you.
The world is also beautiful
That doesn’t contain you
But deep in my heart
One thing always remains: you.
There is birds’ chirping and
A lot other beautiful sound
But everything is like noise,
When you are not around.
My life has only a snout: you.
The is life is incomplete without you.
The slowly flowing wind
And slowly moving plants
Remind me that I am a loser
I couldn’t fulfill your demands.
Leaves are turning black
Because they need some water
Showing me that I am not good
Neither as lover nor as farmer.
You can ask me I don’t doubt you
The life is incomplete without you.
The sun is about to set now
Creating a nice beautiful view
But I am still thinking that
I could have spent this with you.
We sit on the dried wood
Letting us our lips meet
Leaving the world behind
Having a beautiful greet.
Thinking this under the Neem
I know this is just a dream.
I think I think so much about you
The life is incomplete without you.

~Shyam Sunder

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